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Our Certified Access Specialists (CASp) at ADA Consultant Services help your business stay compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act laws and regulations to avoid ADA compliance violation lawsuits in California.

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ADA, Disabled Access, & Accessibility Compliance Law

In California, business owners must comply with both California and Federal accessibility laws.
Failure to comply with the law can be costly! ADA became law in 1990 and owners, lessors, lessees, and operators of California businesses which have not met the law’s basic requirements continue to be sued on a daily basis. Noncompliance with ADA can result in expensive lawsuits with substantial monetary penalties.
Compliance is financial protection. Like insurance, it only takes one time to realize that it is much less expensive to comply on your own than to pay fines as well as contend with the expense of mandated compliance.
You maintain control of the compliance process. Once you’ve completed a proper evaluation and have a defensible ADA plan on file, you have given yourself control of the compliance process (and control of the costs). Without a legitimate plan, a lawsuit or formal complaint could turn control of compliance (and your budget) over to the courts. Get the basics done right now, and avoid the possibility of someone else dictating how and where you spend your money!
Lawsuits are a fact of life. ADA lawsuits are the tool of enforcement. But documented compliance efforts, along with the written evaluations and plans required by the ADA, provide your strongest defense in court.
Compliance is the right thing to do. Most businesses are willing to accommodate the needs of its customers, regardless of disability, but the ADA’s confusing and ambiguous requirements make it difficult to understand exactly what is required.

Why Stay ADA Compliant?

A disabled person visits your property and observes several violations of the ADA at your location. Typically the next step is you that are served a lawsuit claiming damages for disability discrimination.
In the Sacramento, California area alone there are one or two ADA law suits filed every business day.
The Bottom Line is that your property and business must be in compliance with ADA standards. It’s the law. Opportunistic individuals and law firms are visiting California businesses and are suing in State and Federal court. The law gives them up to $4,000 per incident, and it can be compounded to tens of thousands of dollars. Settlements do not prevent future lawsuits regarding the same property unless all violations are addressed.
Avoid being named as a defendant in the next lawsuit. Remember the penality is $4,000 for EACH violation at EACH location. ADA Consultant Services has experienced and knowledgeable ADA accessibility specialists who will visit your property and then provide you with a written report identifying the compliance requirements applicable to your property.

Associates of ADA Consultant Services

Cris C. Vaughan,

Attorney at Law

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Cris Vaughan is an attorney admitted to practice law in California and Nevada. He is admitted to practice before a number of United States District Courts in several states as well as the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal in San Francisco and the United States Supreme Court. He has represented hundreds of clients in ADA accessibility lawsuits in both state and federal court since 2000. His clients have included private and public entity plaintiffs and defendants.

Mr. Vaughan is a Certified Accessibility Specialist (CASp), a Certified ADA Coordinator (ADAC), and a Professional Associate (PA) in the National Association of ADA Coordinators (NAADAC) who has performed more than four hundred (400) accessibility evaluations of both public accommodations and government facilities over the last ten (10) years. In addition to the above, he is a member and past President of CASI (Certified Accessibility Specialist Institute).

Cris is a certified accessibility specialist who assists businesses in complying with state and federal accessibility laws, thus avoiding or limiting the expense of litigation or damage claims. He has lectured and taught seminars to business and professional groups throughout California on a wide range of ADA issues and access compliance. He has also represented a number of public entities and served as a deputy county counsel where he litigated civil rights, employment and personnel matters.

CRIS VAUGHAN – CASp | ADAC | PA | Attorney at Law

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ADA Consultant Services: Ensuring ADA Business Compliance. Our Certified Access Specialists (CASp) help your business stay compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act, Disabled Access, and Accessibility laws and regulations to try to avoid or prevent ADA compliance violation lawsuits. Serving business owners and property owners in the state of California.

We help business and property owners with ADA in Sacramento, Loomis, San Rafael, San Francisco (SF), El Segundo, Los Angeles (LA), Placer County, Marin County, Santa Clara County, Los Angeles County, Orange County, Bay Area, Northern California, Southern California, and more.

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