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ADA Consultant Services

We help you comply with the ADA and California Building Code.

Our Certified Access Specialists (CASp) will help your business or public entity comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) laws and California Building Code (CBC) to avoid lawsuits for ADA compliance violations.

Our services include CASp Inspections, ADA Property Evaluations, Compliance Assessments, Construction Plan Review, and Expert Witness Services.

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You’ve been notified of a Disabled Access violation, What do you do now?

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Understand your liability

ADA compliance is asset protection. Like insurance, it only takes one time to realize that it is much less expensive to comply on your own than to pay fines as well as contend with the expense of mandated compliance. Unsure where you are liable? Our compliance assessments can get you started.

CASp Services

Our Certified Access Specialists (CASp) can perform the following services for your business and property in California:

CASp Inspection

Have your property evaluated for compliance with federal ADA access requirements

Expert Witness

We provide legal support services to assist attorneys and their clients with the resolutions of ADA lawsuits.


We’re experts in ADA and we’re talented on making it understandable. Our consultation services assist our clients in understanding the intricacies of ADA guidelines.

EV Charging Stations

To ensure that electric vehicle charging stations are ADA compliant in construction planning, it is necessary to consider factors such as location, accessibility, clearance, and signage.

Plan Review

ADA compliance construction plan review involves evaluating the construction plans for a project to ensure that they meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act and are accessible to individuals with disabilities.

You need a partner who is here to help.


Cris Vaughan is an attorney admitted to practice law in California and Nevada. He is admitted to practice before a number of United States District Courts in several states as well as the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal in San Francisco and the United States Supreme Court. He has represented hundreds of clients in ADA accessibility lawsuits in both state and federal court since 2000. His clients have included private and public entity plaintiffs and defendants.

Mr. Vaughan is a Certified Accessibility Specialist (CASp), a Certified ADA Coordinator (ADAC), and a Professional Associate (PA) in the National Association of ADA Coordinators (NAADAC) who has performed more than four hundred (400) accessibility evaluations of both public accommodations and government facilities over the last ten (10) years. In addition to the above, he is a member and past President of CASI (Certified Accessibility Specialist Institute).

Cris is a certified accessibility specialist who assists businesses in complying with state and federal accessibility laws, thus avoiding or limiting the expense of litigation or damage claims. He has lectured and taught seminars to business and professional groups throughout California on a wide range of ADA issues and access compliance. He has also represented a number of public entities and served as a deputy county counsel where he litigated civil rights, employment and personnel matters.

CRIS VAUGHAN – CASp | ADAC | PA | Attorney at Law

Disabled Parking Required

Disabled parking is the most frequent subject of ADA Lawsuits.

Learn from Cris Vaughan about the critical guidelines for ADA Parking Access. 

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